• 1.

    Before you start…

    Business ownership is a big deal, and it isn’t right for everyone. You must consider your tolerance for financial risk, your ability to work really hard and really smart to achieve what you desire, and the support of your family and others. Don’t be scared - be careful. Learn a lot, think it through and make a great decision for you and your family!

  • 2.

    You learn about us

    • What is the EnviroLogik opportunity?
    • What are the investment costs?
    • What pitfalls should I watch for?
    • What resources are provided?
  • 3.

    We talk about you

    • Are your goals, strengths and financial position a good fit for EnviroLogik?
    • What is your timing?
    • Can we provide the exit strategy you want/need?
  • 4.

    You get more details

    • Read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and review it with us
    • Have the FDD reviewed by your accountant and/or a franchise attorney
  • 5.

    You speak with or visit our Franchisee Family

    • We’ll go over Best Practices for Validation with our franchise owners
    • Get real-world answers to your important questions
    • Ask how we are to work with, what they love and what they’d change!
  • 6.

    You meet our support team

    • Visit us in Florida
    • Meet the folks who will help you start and build your successful new business
    • See a franchise operation
    • Ask all your remaining questions
  • 7.

    Are we right for each other?

    • Is there a fit with our Mission, our Vision and our culture?
    • Is the right size of opportunity available in your area?
    • Can we provide what you want and need?
    • Will you be happy?
  • 8.

    Let’s Get Started!